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National Cemetery Administration

Administration/Maintenance Complex - Operations Center


  • No personnel assigned to this area
  • This is the center for filing and reference and shared useĀ of office equipment


  • All administrative personnel
  • Maintenance foreman

Related Areas

  • General Office
  • Director
  • Assistant Director
  • Maintenance Office

Special Requirements

  • Maximum use of volume for storage and work surfaces with minimum but efficient circulation
  • Most components built-in. Below counter lateral file cabinets are included as construction contractor-furnished equipment; interment file drawers are government-furnished, but enclosure built-in in the building contract; adjustable shelving above
    • Interment records (drawers for 125 millimeters x 200 millimeters (5 inches x 8 inches) cards)
    • Personnel files
    • Correspondence files
    • Computer Network Equipment, if not in telephone closet
    • Supplies (locked storage base cabinets or full height closets)
    • Work surfaces - 600 millimeters (24 inches) deep, at least 1200 millimeters (48 inches) length to be 750 millimeters (30 inches) deep for drawing reference surface
    • Paper cutter, hole punches, stapler, etc.
    • Two-way communications equipment (microphone, radio base equipment, etc.)
    • Wall mounted or other flat file system for 750 millimeters x 1050 millimeters (30 inches x 42 inches) cemetery maps
    • Tack board
    • Facsimile Machine
    • Computer printer(s)
  • Floor to ceiling enclosure may be required to contain equipment noise; in any case, walls should be not less than 1800 millimeters (72 inches) high