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National Cemetery Administration

Administration/Maintenance Complex - Lunchroom/Lounge and Vending


  • No personnel assigned to this area
  • Cemetery staff meetings
  • Viewing of video tapes
  • Training sessions


  • Staff
  • All administration and maintenance staff

Related Areas

  • Boot Vestibule
  • Locker Room, Toilets and Shower
  • Outdoor Boot Wash
  • This is a support function for all areas of the Administration/Maintenance Complex

Special Requirements

  • Small built-in food preparation center
    • Sink
    • Overhead storage cabinets
    • Base cabinet storage with counter surface
    • Overhead cabinet-mounted microwave oven
    • Under cabinet task lighting
  • Vending machines, recessed (two maximum) (Optional)
  • Drinking fountain (may be located in hallway)
  • Maximum natural light: should be bright, relaxing, non-institutional atmosphere
  • Easy maintenance finishes
  • Lunchroom may serve as circulation to Locker Room and other areas used by staff
  • Space does not necessarily require total enclosure, but should not be remote from lobby and not visible to the public
  • Four-person tables with individual chairs
  • Ice Machine may be located here if not in Parts & Tools
  • Refrigerator (located in kitchen unit)
  • Microwave oven(s) (built in to kitchen unit)
  • Tack surface for employee notices (may be located in hallway)