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General Kiosk Information

Network Cabling Specifications

Thru the wall enclosure dimensions

Width of hole: 27.5 inches
Height of hole: 45.5 inches
From outside ground to bottom of rough opening: 25.5 inches

Width of unit: 27.0 inches
Height of unit: 45.0 inches
Depth of unit: 26.0 inches (21.0 inches from outside wall to rear of unit)

There are two rear doors that open another 15” back that are used to service the kiosk.  If there is a door behind the back of the kiosk, make sure there is enough room to open these doors.  If there is a wall behind these doors there must room to open the doors, plus an additional 24” clearance for a technician to service the kiosk.

The thru the wall enclosures have a 2” front bezel that sits against the exterior (front) wall. This 2” area around the rough opening must be a flat surface and not an uneven finish, such as siding, rock or uneven brick.

Ideally the rough opening should be wood framed, although masonry or metal studs may also be used.

Stand alone (indoor) enclosure dimensions

Width of unit: 25.0 inches
Height of unit: 48.0 inches
Depth of unit: 26.0 inches

Kiosk IT equipment within the enclosure

The kiosk enclosure houses a laptop, touch screen monitor, printer and surge protector.

Operating temperatures, humidity levels and ventilation are factors to be addressed in placement of the enclosure so that the IT equipment can function 24 hours a day, seven days a week as designed. Both the thru the wall and stand alone enclosure models have a fan for ventilation and circulation. The back of the enclosure has doors that close and lock so that the general public can not access it. To ensure that the operating temperature and humidity levels are within the range prescribed by the manufacturers for optimal performance, the back of the thru the wall enclosure must be in a temperature controlled environment. This requires the back of the enclosure to be in conditioned space, i.e., with air conditioning and heat, as required.

Equipment Operating Limits

Laptop Computer:

Operating Temp: 0C to +35C (+32F to +95F)
Humidity: 10% - 90% noncondensing

Touchscreen Monitor:

Operating Temp: 0C to +40C (+32F to +104F)
Humidity: 20% - 80% noncondensing

Thermal Printer:

Operating Temp: +5C to +40C (+41F to +104F)
Humidity: 20% - 85% noncondensing

Overhang Needed

Thru the wall enclosures must be under an overhang to prevent the kiosk and visitors from being directly exposed to the elements. The touchscreen should not be exposed to direct sunlight, which makes it difficult or impossible for visitors to use the kiosk, it can burn out the crystals within the monitor and causes operational problems. The screens will withstand operating temperatures of 104F when shaded, but higher temperatures accompanied by direct sunlight will cause permanent damage and will void the warranty.

Reflections on the screen will be minimized if the ‘ceiling’ of the overhang is a medium or dark color. Light shades and reflective ceiling surfaces create significant glare on the screen. 



Specifications Updated as of May, 2010