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Administration/Maintenance Complex - Locker Room, Toilets, and Shower


  • Storage of clothes, dressing


  • Maintenance Staff

Related Areas

  • Lunchroom/Lounge
  • Boot Room

Special Requirements

  • Natural light not required
  • Lockers 450 millimeters wide x 525 millimeters deep x 1800 millimeters high (18 inches x 21 inches x 72 inches)
  • Easy maintenance finishes
  • Separate locker rooms are provided to accommodate male and female maintenance staff. As the staffing mix changes, separate facilities may not always be required. Therefore, the locker rooms should be designed to accommodate this change. Both rooms are designed the same except for size. A connection between the two should be provided to accommodate the changing staff needs.
  • A common entry “vestibule” for both male and female facilities is desirable. The “vestibule” may serve as the boot room.
  • Easy maintenance finishes
  • Floor drains required
  • Heated and cooled to standard office occupancy requirements
  • GFI duplex receptacle at lavatory