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Proposed Construction Projects, MSN 2 - Atlanta

MSN 2 - Proposed Construction Projects
(Minor Construction)
Period Covered: Oct 2010 - Sept 2012
Project Location (State) Project Description Cost Range Status/Comments

Salisbury N/C (NC)

Cemetery Expansion: Cryptsand Columbarium

$1.5M - $3.0M

Bidding summer 2011

Chattanooga N/C (TN)  

Construct 1,000-Niche Columbarium

< $1.5M

Bidding spring 2011

Chattanooga N/C (TN)  

Install 5,000 Crypts


Bidding mid 2011

Georgia N/C (GA)  

Repair Erosion Damage

$1.5M -$3.0M

Bidding summer 2011

Little Rock N/C (AR)  

Correct Erosion Damage & Stabilize Creek

< $1.5M

Bidding midsummer 2011

Port Hudson N/C (LA)  

Gravesite Expansion (approx 15 acres)

$4.0M - $6.0M

Bidding summer 2011

Port Hudson N/C (LA)
BatonRouge N/C (LA)
Alexandria N/C (LA)
Knoxville N/C (TN)
Marietta N/C (GA)

Repair Historic Perimeter Wall (multi-cemetery project)

$2.0M - $3.0M

Bidding summer 2012

Memphis N/C (TN)  

Demolish Lodge, Construct Public Restroom, Replace Shelter

$2.5M - $4.0M

Bidding mid 2012

Mountain Home N/C (TN)  

Cemetery Expansion: Crypts, Columbarium and Roads

$7.0M - $10M

Bidding summer 2012