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National Cemetery Administration

Administration/Maintenance Complex - Maintenance Yard


  • No personnel assigned to thisĀ area


  • Maintenance staff
  • Delivery truck drivers

Related Areas

  • Entire Maintenance Building

Special Requirements

  • Loading dock: freestanding platform with ramp for forklift access to trucks, per program
  • Fuel tanks and pumps:
    • Above ground storage tank with pumps, 3790 liter (1000 gallon) total capacity, divided per program
    • Compressed air outlet at or near fuel pumps
  • Vehicle and Equipment Storage, sheltered or open per program
  • Headstone Storage, per program
  • Tractor trailers must be able to negotiate this area
  • Vehicle wash area for steam cleaning, etc. with oil/water separator drain to meet current EPA regulations or with recycling equipment, per program
  • Four 3600 millimeter (12 foot) wide x 10,800 millimeter (36 foot) deep x 1500 millimeter (5 foot) high open bins for sand, gravel, etc. (Alternate location may be soil spoils area)
  • Mixing pad/containment area for chemical mixing/loading, if not located within Herbicide/Insecticide/Pesticide Storage Area
  • Space and access for trash dumpster