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National Cemetery Administration

Administration/Maintenance Complex - Multipurpose Room


  • No personnel assigned to thisĀ area
  • Informal public and family meetings/receptions/conferences
  • Community and veterans organizations meetings
  • Reception of dignitaries and guests
  • Food and beverages may be served
  • Viewing of video tapes and slides


  • Director with staff
  • Chaplain with family groups
  • Director with local veterans organizations/visitors
  • Training sessions
  • Funeral parties/families of veterans
  • Community and veterans groups

Related Areas

  • Lobby
  • Staff/Visitor Toilet

Special Requirements

  • Writing, tack and projection surface
  • Comfortable, must relate an image; non-institutional
  • Informal lounge seating, or combination (if large enough) of conference table with seating and separate lounge seating
  • If windows are provided, light control will be necessary for operating video equipment
  • Storage for supplies, VCR television, and projection equipment is required - may be provided by built-in credenza or storage unit
  • Will be used for public functions at night