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National Cemetery Administration

Cortege Assembly Area (Parking Pull-off)


  • Public reception, waiting and information for visitors and funeral parties
  • Receptionist(s) greets visitors, funeral parties
  • Dispenses information, hand out maps


  • Cemetery visitors
  • Funeral parties
  • Receptionist (Personnel assigned to this area as needed; may be staffed by volunteers)

Related Areas

  • Public Rest Rooms
  • Cortege Assembly Area
  • Telephone Reception/Cortege Control

Special Requirements

  • Provide a public image for the cemetery and the National Cemetery Administration
  • Character of the space should be non-institutional
  • The scale, volume and all parts must create a significant space which invites and welcomes the public
  • Minimal visitor seating, in small grouping(s) not crossed by major circulation routes
  • Walls and/or display cases for veteran memorabilia
  • Possible display location of Great Seal of the United States.
  • Receptionist workstation at 750 millimeters (30 inches) desk height with surface for visitor at a 1050 millimeters (42 inches) height; workstation may be free-standing or built-in
  • Personal computer with monitor, keyboard, and mouse, on network with cemetery computers
  • Possible display location of service seals, if not in assembly area
  • Heated and cooled to standard office occupancy requirements