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Cemetery Components - Carillon Tower

Function  Picture of a cemetery's Carillon tower 

The function of a Carillon Tower is to provide bell tower music for the cemetery. Speakers may be included in the Carillon Tower to provide pre-recorded music from the Committal Service Shelter location before, during or after interment services.

The cemetery development plan may include a location for the carillon tower, which is a donated item at a Veterans cemetery.


The Carillon Tower should be constructed of materials that blend in with other cemetery components. A sound system is incorporated into the tower to provide bell tower sounds.

Design Requirements

A Carillon Tower is approximately 45 feet high with a six foot by six foot base. The Master Plan may provide a location and electrical conduit rough-in connecting the Carillon Tower to built-in speakers at the Committal Service Shelter Storage Closet which will play taps after the Committal Service. Please note that a Carillon Tower is optional at a state, territorial or tribal Veterans cemetery. Again, this is typically a donated item at a Veterans cemetery.


Varies - Donated Item.